Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

When you are looking to replace that old noisy washing machine in your kitchen or utility room it is hard to beat one from the AEG range. senator wss steam For overall design and features the AEG machines are unsurpassed. I will give you a quick rundown of some of the features the AEG washing machines have and how they can benefit you, from the energy efficiency through to the special features.

* Many of the models have a 1200/1400rpm spin cycle and can handle loads of up to 6kg, which incidentally is suited towards those with large families. Therefore less loads equates to less water used which will save you money on your water bill.

* The performance of AEG washing machines is another factor to take into account. The machines are extremely efficient with low electricity consumption and low water consumption, again the savings here will be passed on to you. As in the last point if you have a large family then you are going to be saving yourself lots of money here.

* Aqua Control. Not only can the AEG washing machines detect if you have a leak in the machine, it will also empty the machine of water. Never again will you come home to a flooded kitchen, it is like having a babysitter for your washing machine. In addition to this the Aqua Control will keep an eye on your water level for you.

* AEG washing machines also have a very clever timing system included in the machine. You can set the machine to start at a certain time of day which is another way to save money if you set it to run at times when electricity is cheaper or if you have a busy family life then you can make the washing machine work around your time schedule.

* Advanced Fuzzy Logic. Here is a scenario…you load your washing into the machine, and in goes the detergent…but you get distracted by the baby screaming or the kids fighting and you put in too much without noticing. The AEG Advanced Fuzzy Logic will kick in, detect the problem and put your load through extra rinses. Problem avoided. This system also minimises the drum bearing wear and tear and has the ability to balance out the clothes in your machine for optimum performance.

* If you haven’t got time to do all those hand wash items in our busy times then the AEG washing machine can do that for you as well! You have just saved more time out of your busy schedule.

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